Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. What ID do I require?

1A. We require 2 proofs of address dated within the last 6 months (utility bills, bank statements, council tax etc)

2Q. Do you charge for an additional driver?

2A. We charge £15 per additional driver. We require all driver in the office to sign paperwork and to give us his/her drivers licence and National Insurance Number.

3Q. Can I return vehicles out of hours?

3A. Yes, you can park the hire vehicle in our customer car park ensuing you do not block any vehicles or our yard entrance and place the keys in the deposit box next to the office entrance.

4Q. Do we do one way hires?

4A. Unfortunately the vehicles are required to be picked up and dropped off at our depot in 19 Underwood Road in Paisley.

5Q. What if I do not have paper bills?

5A. In the office, you are allowed to show us your name and address on your phone (utility bills, car insurance, online banking etc) and we will take a photo of your documents for our information.

6Q. Can I leave my car when hiring?

6A. Yes, you are permitted to park your car in our customer car park for the duration of your hire. Vehicles are parked at owner's risk.

7Q. Why do we require your National Insurance Number?

7A. To perform a DVLA licence check we require the customer's National Insurance Number, Drivers Licence Number and post code.

8Q. Do we sell packing materials?

8A. Yes. We sell packing tape, bubble wrap as well as boxes in the office. We also sell rope, ratchet / lifting straps and hire out trolleys.

9Q. Do we accept cash only?

9A. Unfortunately we do not accept cash only as we are required to take a payment on a card (credit/debit). You are however allowed to pay the deposit by cash but hire always has to be paid by card.

10Q. Do we do long term hires?

10A. Yes. If you require a long term vehicle, please call us on 0141 848 1515 for a quote and state whether the hire is to go on our or your insurance, how many miles you intend to use per week/month and how long you wish to hire the vehicle for.

11Q. Can I hire a van with a towbar?

11A. Yes, we can hire a van with a towbar permitting the customer insures the van themselves.

12Q. Does your office have wheelchair access?

12A. Yes, we have a wheelchair ramp to enter our office entrance.

13Q. Do you have automatic vans?

13A. Unfortunately, all our vans are manual transmission.

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